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Cinch Mens Jeans White Label Stonewash Relaxed Fit Style MB92834003
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SKU/Code MB92834003
Manufacturer Cinch
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Prewash Wrangler Scale 27-34
Wrangler Prewash Scale Sizes 35-52
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Cinch® White Label Stonewash Relaxed Fit Jeans - MB92834003


·         Medium Stonewash, 13.25 ounce denim

·         Relaxed Waist and Hip

·         Mid Rise
·         Relaxed Thigh and Knee
·         Straight Leg

The Cinch® brand makes authentic western jeans that remain consistent through the rise and fall of the trends; standing the test of time. Every man that steps into a pair of Cinch® jeans is instantly gratified with the quality and fit. Cinch® - Made for the man who lives his life in denim.



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