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Rocky Kid's Aztec Pull-On Boot Style 0003638
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SKU/Code 0003638
Manufacturer Rocky
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Toddler 4-8
Children Sizes 8.5-3
Youth Boot
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▪Durable rubber Aztec outsole
▪Full-Grain Leather Upper
▪Just like Dad's style

Close your eyes and think back to when you were little. Life seemed so much simpler then, didn’t it? You wanted to run around outside, get dirty rolling down the hill with your friends, and see who could climb the highest on your favorite tree. While at school you counted down the hours, which seemed like an eternity, until you could go outside and play. Now that you have a little one, you realize that he is exactly like you were at that age, and what he is going to need is a pair of Rocky Kid’s Aztec Pull-On Wellington Boots (#3638).

You and your son alike will love the "Just Like Dad’s” construction and look of this boot. It won’t light up when he walks or have any traditional bells and whistles. However, he’ll get high quality, well-constructed, durable boots that will protect his feet during some of his favorite outdoor memories.

The upper is crafted from full-grain leather, and one of the great features is the water resistant construction. Mom will be happy that he can be outside playing in the mud, trekking through the woods in all sorts of elements, and his boots won’t be ruined.

Everyone will be able to appreciate how easy it is to get the boots both on and off due do to the leather pull-straps. A soft shaft lining has been added to the boots in order to assure comfort with your little one.

Another great detail on the #0003638 boot is the exclusive Rocky Aztec outsole. The outsole is made from a combination rubber for good wear and tear. It features a tread design that gives good traction on smoother surfaces, and is self-cleaning to help keep mud outside the house and car.

There is also compression molded EVA inserts, located in the front and in the heel, for energy and shock absorption.

The Rocky Kid’s Aztec Pull-On Wellington (#3638) is a great boot for your little one.

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